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Easter Kit Kats in Japan

16 Mar

Japan has adopted (and localized) a number of western holidays. Halloween has become popular here in recent years…and next, it seems, is Easter.
Just like Xmas in Japan, Easter has no religious connotations…just cute eggs and bunnies.

Also, Kit-Kat in Japan has many, many unique flavors. It’s also popular to give students a special Kit-Kat in March when they’re studying for school entrance exams. Because there’s a Japanese play-on-words in which “Kit-Kat” sounds like “You’re sure to pass!” in Japanese.
Now, Kit-Kat Japan is hoping to start a new trend for students in April with another play-on-words.
“Easter” sounds similar to “Ii-start” in Japanese…which means “A good start”. Since April is the start of the school year here, they’re hoping parents will give these to their kids at the start of the school year.