Jerry Yellin’s Book

21 Sep

I received an email from Jerry Yellin.

His new book will go on sale soon.

Here’s his email:

My book, The Blackened Canteen is in the queue at and will be available for purchase soon, like the end of next week. However, we would like to ask you to hold off buying it for now so we can have a Volume Sales Day on October 3rd with lots and lots of books being bought on that day to attempt to get it on the best seller list.

I would appreciate your sending a personal announcement to everyone you know, ask them to see the three-minute video and read the testimonials from Yoko Ono and members of the families whose relatives are the major characters in the book at and if they are interested to join us in passing this information on and making a purchase on October 3.

I am hopeful that this book will be a catalyst of understanding between people and nations, a history lesson for young people, a reminder to us older folks what kind of world we lived in when we were younger and what we fought for and, most important for all of the WW II veterans families a chronicle of our lives from 1941-1945 and beyond.

Here is a short synopsis of the book:

This book is about five Americans: Jack O’Connor, Monroe Cohen, Ken Colli, Newton Towle, crewmen on B-29’s who were killed in a mid-air collision on June 20, 1945 over Shizuoka, Japan and Richard Fiske, the bugler on the battleship West Virginia when it was sunk at Pearl Harbor. Intertwined with the American airmen are the lives of three Japanese: Hiroya Sugano, 12 years old when his city was bombed in 1945, now a 74 year old doctor, Takeshi Maeda, the navigator on the torpedo bomber that sank the West Virginia, and Fukumatsu Itoh, a city councilman who buried the Americans and later became a Buddhist priest. Only two survive today, Dr. Sugano who has conducted a joint Japanese/American Memorial Service since 1972 at a site where Mr. Itoh created a memorial tablet on Mt. Shizuhata near Shizuoka and 89 year old Takeshi Maeda. A three minute video clip of the 2008 ceremony can be seen at my website (
The lives of all of the people mentioned above became entwined when World War II began. Some of their young lives have been fictionalized with the express permission of George O’Connor and his mother Joan, nephew and sister-in-law of Jack O’Connor, Lucy Towle Spence, daughter of Newton Towle, and Robert Towle Newton’s brother, Ken and John Colli namesake and nephews of Ken Colli. Published accounts of Richard Fiske’s life and several meetings I had with Dr. Hiroya Sugano and Takeshi Maeda also contributed to this story.
Whereas the story itself is told as fiction, the facts are historically correct. History Professor Paul Zigo at Brookdale College in New Jersey whose master’s thesis portrayed the attempt by Japan to avert a war with America by negotiation and was negated by Secretary of State Cordell Hull gave me permission to use his research and checked my story for accuracy. I have created several fictional characters as an enhancement to this true story.

Thank you all very much.


3 Responses to “Jerry Yellin’s Book”

  1. tokyo5 January 4, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    You can go to the “Books & CDs” page on my main website and buy Jerry Yellin’s book “The Blackened Canteen” from Amazon.

    Here a link to my “Books & CDs” page:


  2. tokyo5 September 26, 2008 at 10:53 pm #


    Thanks for the kind words!
    Please visit my site often…and comment anytime!



  3. なかしま あきのぶ September 26, 2008 at 10:10 am #

    hajimemasite Your HP is very interesting.


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