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Another Interview

1 Sep

I just added another email interview to my website’s “Interviews” page.

This interview is with Bruce Kulick.

Click here to read it.

I really love Japan and Tokyo is very fascinating.

[Bruce Kulick]

85 Years Ago

1 Sep

On September 1, 1923, the 関東大震災 (Great Kanto Earthquake) struck the Tokyo area and flattened the city. It registered about 8.4 (out of 10) on the Richter Scale!

It struck at noon, when people were preparing lunch with gas stoves, so many fires broke out. Over 100,000 people died. And most of the deaths were from the fires.

(This photo was taken of the earthquake’s aftermath by August Kengelbacher).

Every year on September 1, the 自衛隊 (Japanese Self-Defense Forces) hold an earthquake drill with the public to help prepare for another major earthquake.
This year’s drill was held yesterday (Sunday) so that more of the public could participate. About 15,000 people were a part of this year’s drill.
Also, American military stationed in Japan and Korean and Taiwanese rescue teams helped with the drill.