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Currency converter

30 Oct

I haven’t used American money for many years…so I don’t pay attention to the ¥en ←→ US$ exchange rate.

US dollars and Japanese Yen.

But I know that many foreign visitors in Japan like to know what the prices of things here equals in their home currency.
So, I just added a “Currency Converter” to my Smart-phone app.

Do you use my “Tokyo Five Smart-phone app“?

If you install it on your phone, you can enter a Japanese Yen amount in the Currency Converter and it will tell the equivalent amount in U.S. dollars.

There are many other useful features on the app too.

Click here to learn how to install the app.

If you install it…leave a comment here and let me know how you like it.


21 May

I just read this news article:

Yahoo News article about US court case

In summary, it says that a U.S. court ruled that the design of American monetary currency “discriminates against blind people”.

They said this because U.S. paper bills are all identical in size, shape, color and texture. So it’s difficult for people with poor vision to differentiate between different denominations.

America is the only country whose money is like that.

And since this court ruling, it seems that America’s money will finally be redesigned so that the different denominations have either a different color, size, or texture (ie: braille on the notes) like the rest of the world.

Japan’s paper money, for example, is in different sizes and colors, and the bills have braille on the corner of them.