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Birthday of two famous Japanese

5 Mar

Today, 2015 March 5th, is the birthday of two famous Japanese people.
They’re famous in Japan, at least. Are they known in your country too?

First of all, the world’s oldest person, 大川ミサヲ (Misao OKAWA), was born on 1898 March 5th in Osaka, Japan. She is celebrating her 117th birthday today with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Next, also from Osaka (but wasn’t born there)…today also would have been the birthday of 安藤百福 (Momofuku ANDO).
He is the man who invented instant Cup Noodle!


He was born Taiwan on 1910 March 5th. At that time, Taiwan was a Japanese territory.

At the age of 22, he moved to Osaka, Japan and eventually became a naturalized Japanese citizen.
When he became a Japanese citizen, he changed his name to Momofuku Ando.
“Ando” is a common Japanese family name…but “Momofuku” is an unusual name in Japan. But his first name was changed to Momofuku when he became Japanese because it is an uncommon pronunciation in Japanese of his Chinese first name (pronounced “Baifu” in Chinese). It is written 「百福」 and literally means “One hundred fortunes“.

The logo of Google’s Japanese homepage today is of Momofuku ANDO.

The oldest person in the world has died

5 May

Kama Chinen, of Okinawa, Japan, was born on 1895 May 10 and she became the oldest person in the world on 2009 September 11 at the age of 114.
(Click here to read the post I wrote when she became the “World’s Oldest Person”.)

It was just reported that she died a few days ago on 2010 May 2. Only eight days before her 115th birthday.

Kama Chinen, 1895 May 10 - 2010 May 2, R.I.P.

Now the World’s Oldest Person is Eugenie Blanchard from France. She was born on 1896 February 16…about nine months after Kama Chinen was born.

World’s Oldest Person is Japanese

12 Sep

An American woman named Gertrude Baines was the oldest person in the world.
But, unfortunately, she died yesterday.
She was 115 years old.

The late Gertrude Baines (1894 Apr 6 - 2009 Sep 11), RIP

The late Gertrude Baines (1894 Apr 6 - 2009 Sep 11), RIP

(I wrote a post in which I mention Ms. Baines (and I also mention the world’s oldest man in the post)…click here to read it).

Gertrude Baines was born on 1894 April 6 and lived until 2009 September 11. One hundred fifteen years and 158 days.
She held the world record of oldest living person from 2009 January 2 until she died.

On her last birthday, she was asked what her secret of longevity was and she credited eating bacon, fried chicken and ice cream!

Now, since yesterday, the world’s oldest person is a Japanese woman named 知念カマ (Kama Chinen).
She was born on 1895 May 10. So, as of today, she is 114 years and 125 days old.

The world's oldest person, as of 2009 Sep 11...Kama Chinen of Japan.

The world's oldest person, as of 2009 Sep 11...Kama Chinen of Japan.

It’s a coincidence that the world’s oldest person would go to a Japanese person in September, as September 21st is the Japanese holiday 「敬老の日」 (“Respect For The Aged Day“).
(Click here to read my short FAQ about it).