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Annoying pop-ups

29 Jun

On this, and other WordPress blogs, an annoying* Snap preview window pops up when you hold your mouse over a picture or website link (* it’s annoying to me, at least).

I disabled that function on my computer…I wish I could just disable it to my blog (as it’s seen on everyone’s computer).

I can’t. But you can disable it on your computer, too.

When one pops up, click the small gear image in the upper-righthand corner.

It looks like this:

Then click “Disable“.

Then check “For All Sites

Then click “Save“.

If you find those pop-up previews as annoying as I do, this will save your sanity!

(By the way, if you don’t already, you should use Firefox as your web browser (rather than Internet Explorer).

Firefox blocks pop-up windows while you’re surfing the internet.

You can download it for free here ).