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19 Jan

A researcher at an 水族館 (Aquarium) in 和歌山県 (Wakayama Prefecture, Japan) recently found a nonapus (nine-legged octopus).


It seems that octopuses* grow a new limb when one is cut off and sometimes an extra limb grows when the octopus is cut but no limb has come off…resulting in octopuses* with extra limbs.

(*I always thought that octopi was the plural for octopus. I never liked that uncommon term, and was pleased to read (here) that “octopuses” is acceptable, too).

The octopus that was discovered with the most limbs ever was also found in Japan. An octopus was found in 三重県 (Mie Prefecture, Japan) sometime ago with 96 legs:


That’s creepy looking.

By the way, do you like to eat octopus? I love たこ焼き (Takoyaki; grilled octopus dumplings). Have you ever tried it?