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Summer Festivals

29 Aug

Earlier this month, I participated in one of Tokyo’s biggest festivals.
(Click here to read that post.)

There are many great festivals all year round…but especially so in the summer.
(Click here to see a list I made of some of Tokyo’s best festivals.)

I like Japan’s festivals a lot…and I go to many of them.

In early August, my family and I went to watch a summer 花火大会 (fireworks show) near our house that we usually go to every year.
The 花火大会 (fireworks shows) in Japan are excellent! If you have a chance, you should see one!
(Here is a list of some of Tokyo’s biggest fireworks shows.)

It’s not easy to photograph fireworks with the camera I have…but here are a few that I took:

花火 (“hanabi”)…literally “flower (of) fire”, is the Japanese word for “fireworks”.

We also went to a festival at a temple not far from the Tokyo Sky Tree.

After that, we went to 上野公園 (Ueno Park):

(Click here to see some other photos I took in Ueno a couple of years ago.)

If you have any questions about festivals in Tokyo, things to do in this city, or whatever…feel free to contact me.

Rainy day in Nezu

23 May

It was forecast to rain today but my wife and I decided to go to 根津神社 (Nezu Shrine).

I’ve written posts about this shrine before when we’ve gone there on sunny days and during festivals.

When we left our house the weather was sunny and warm. It was hard to believe that the TV weatherman said it would rain in the afternoon.

At lunchtime the weather was still nice, so we stopped at a convenience store and bought some beer and sandwiches and ate lunch in a park not far from the shrine.

After lunch we headed to 根津神社 (Nezu Shrine) as the sky was turning dark and the temperature began to drop.
It was a good thing that we brought our umbrellas because it began to rain hard as we were leaving the shrine.

Here are the photos that I took:

These turtles were cute…but our turtle is cuter! 😉

I think this bird was a type of 「白鷺」 (Egret).

The torii at the entrance to 根津神社 (Nezu Shrine).

Japanese lamp.

Sign says 「根津神社」 ("Nezu Shrine")

A row of over 150 "torii".

Click here to see my post with a video I took while walking through these.


3 May

今日は憲法記念日 (Today is Constitution Day (the anniversary of the day that Japan’s post-WW2 constitution was adopted)).
Today my two oldest daughters went shopping with their friends…and my wife, my youngest daughter and I went to 上野 (Ueno, Tokyo).

We walked to 上野公園 (Ueno Park). While we were in the park, we saw this street performer:

We walked all around the 上野 (Ueno, Tokyo) area. We stopped at some stores that looked interesting to my wife and daughter, and we also went to the 「東叡山寛永寺円頓院」 (“Toeizan-kan-ei-ji-endonin Temple“).

This temple, commonly called 寛永寺 (Kan-ei-ji Temple), is a famous temple in Tokyo where the graves of the Tokugawa Shogun are.

Here are some photos I took:






The 酒屋 (liquor store) was built in 1910.

The 酒屋 (liquor store) was built in 1910.

Side alley with many shops.

Side alley with many shops.