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Featured on KISS Online

4 Jun

Yesterday morning I was watching the Japanese morning TV program 「めざましテレビ」  (“Mezamashi TV“) as I do every morning while I get ready for work…when suddenly KISS was on the show to promote their new album “KISS 40“!

Of course I took a photo of my TV screen and tweeted it.


It got many re-tweets. Even KISS‘s official twitter account re-tweeted my photo!

And, KISSonline.com, their official homepage, put my photo on the KISS site.


My photo on KISSonline.com

Thanks NaoKISS for telling me about it.

Tokyo Five on Twitter

20 Aug

Do you have a Twitter account?


I have just just using it.

My Twitter name is five_in_tokyo

Please follow my Twitter at:


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I’d be grateful.