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Zombies in Tokyo!

31 Oct

Today there was an event at the Tokyo Tower to promote the U.S. TV series “The Walking Dead”.

About 1,200 celebrities and locals were made-up as zombies!


The Walking Dead

1 Mar

I wrote an earlier post about albums and movies that I like…including the movie “Shaun Of The Dead“.

It’s a zombie-comedy.

I also wrote another post about the movie “Zombieland“.

And recently we have begun watching an American TV series that became available on rental DVD not long ago.
Maybe you have already seen this show (if so, don’t tell me what’s going to happen! πŸ˜‰ ).

The show is titled “The Walking Dead” and it’s about the struggles of a group of survivors in a zombie-apocalypse.

Do you watch this show too? Do you like it?

I like it so much that I placed an order on Amazon.com for the comic that the TV series is based on.

A panel from "The Walking Dead" comic books.

Let me introduce you to…

13 Nov

I have written a number of posts about interesting people. Most of whose stories are related to Japan in some way.
Maybe you haven’t seen many of them…so I decided to put links to all of them on a new page that I titled “Who’s Who?“.

Please check them out and leave comments to let me know what you think.

The new page is here.

Dole Banana in Japan now hiring…$11,000 / hour

5 Oct

Last year I wrote a post about Dominos Pizza in Japan hiring one person for their TV commercial for Β₯2,500,000 (about US$31,000) per hour.

Dominos Pizza chose that amount (Β₯2500000) because it was the chain’s 25th anniversary in Japan.

Well, now Dole Banana in Japan is looking to hire one person to be in their TV ads. The position will pay Β₯877,000 (about US$11,437) per hour.

Β₯877,000 was chosen because “8-7-7” can be pronounced, in Japanese, as “ba-na-na“.

The ad for the position with "Dole Banana, Japan" that pays Β₯877,000 / hour.

To apply for this position, you must write a self-promoting message on the “Dole, Japan” Facebook page and then click the γ€Œγ„γ„γ­οΌγ€ (“Like”) button.

But if you want to apply for this position, you should be in Japan (or able / willing to come here soon) and be legally eligible to work in Japan. The ability to speak Japanese is also a requirement, most likely.

Also, I’m sure that they’re looking for someone with charisma and who has no problem with the self-deprecating TV commercials that Dole Japan is known for.

Famous Japanese celebrity Shingo Katori has been the "face" of Dole, Japan for years now.

I Want To Be A Human Soon

1 Oct

Have you ever heard of the Japanese をニパ (cartoon) called γ€Œε¦–ζ€ͺ人間べム」 (“Monster Man Bemu”)?

It’s basically about three kind ε¦–ζ€ͺ (monsters) who want to be human. They learn that they can become human if they protect humans from other evil monsters.

The three kind monsters, γ€ŒγΉγƒ γ€ (“Bemu”), γ€Œγƒ™γƒ©γ€ (“Bera”), and γ€ŒγΉγƒ­γ€ (“Bero”) are frightening-looking monsters but they are able to assume a humanoid form…but even so, they still look like monsters.
And for that reason, they aren’t accepted by most humans. Most people judge them by their physical appearance rather than their character. That is an underlying theme of this series.

This series originally aired on TV in Japan in the late-60’s…before my wife and I were born but we’ve seen re-runs of it.
A well-known line from this show is γ€Œζ—©γδΊΊι–“γ«γͺγ‚ŠγŸγ„οΌγ€ (“I want to be a human soon!”)…it can even be heard in the show’s opening theme song.

Here is a YouTube clip of this show’s opening and closing theme songs:

Panic Face

12 Jun

When I was a kid in America I used to watch a TV show called “Candid Camera“.
This show put ordinary people in awkward or funny situations and filmed the results with a hidden camera.
After the victim’s humorous reaction, the host would reveal the prank with the show’s tagline “Smile, you’re on candid camera”.

Japan has a similar program that I enjoyed watching that was titled γ€Œγƒ‘γƒ‹γƒƒγ‚―γƒ•γ‚§γ‚€γ‚Ήγ€ (“Panic Face), but has been renamed γ€Œγƒ‘γƒ―γƒ•γƒ«γƒ•γ‚§γ‚€γ‚Ήγ€ (“Powerful Face“).

Americans like TV variety shows and game shows that have ordinary people as contestants or guests but in Japan, having established celebrities on the shows is more popular.

So, “Panic Face” (“Powerful Face”) has a celebrity (usually a comedian) as an unsuspecting victim and the point of the show is to see the victim’s “Panic Face”…or shocked expression.

Here are a few funny episodes that I watched on TV when they originally aired here in Japan…

This one has a celebrity in his dressing room preparing for his appearance on TV…when “ghosts” appear in his mirror and room:

This next on has two “magicians” mimicking two actual famous Japanese magicians who appear in the dressing room of a comedian and demonstrate a few of their “tricks”:

And this one has a “police officer” doing a “Jack Bauer” and commandeers the private cars (bicycle) of three comedians:


19 Oct

I just watched the movie γ€Œγ‚Ύγƒ³γƒ“γƒ©γƒ³γƒ‰γ€ (“Zombieland“) starring Woody Harrelson.


This movie definitely isn’t for everyone…it’s a zombie movie, after all.

But I like some, but not all, zombie movies.
The good ones (including the above mentioned “Zombieland“) include “Shaun Of The Dead“, “Dawn Of The Dead“, and “Day Of The Dead“.

I also like some, but not all, of Woody Harrelson’s work.
His good ones (including the above mentioned “Zombieland“) include the American TV series from the 1980s “Cheers“, “No Country For Old Men” and “Natural Born Killers“.

Have you seen “Zombieland“?
What was your opinion of it?
Do you like zombie movies? How about Woody Harrelson’s work in general?