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Tokyo Five on Twitter

20 Aug

Do you have a Twitter account?


I have just just using it.

My Twitter name is five_in_tokyo

Please follow my Twitter at:


Leave a comment on this post and tell me if you’ve started following my tweets.

I’d be grateful.

A million and a half

6 Nov

Today my blog has reached one-and-a-half million (1,500,000) visitors.

It gets an average of 1,400 visitors a day. (On my blog’s busiest day, it got over 10,000 hits!)

I appreciate everyone who visits my blog…especially if you leave a comment! The interaction is what makes blogging enjoyable…so, by all means, leave a comment often!

Just how big of a number is 1.5 million?

Well…1.5 million days, for example, is about 4,109 years!

Here’s an idea of what a crowd of 1.5 million people looks like:

There are an estimated 1.5 million people in this crowd of protestors (according to “Google Image” search).

Please answer my survey and let me know how often you visit my blog:


The Tokyo Five smart-phone app

3 Oct

I just made a smart-phone application for my blog.

It has content that isn’t on this blog…so why don’t you install it on your phone?

Click here to read my page with instructions about how to install the app and how to use it.

And let me know in the comments section what you think of the app.

My blog’s in the “Top 4”!

25 Jun

According to “Blog Rank”, my blog here is the fourth biggest “Tokyo blog” ranked by Google!

It’s also the 13th biggest”Tokyo blog” as ranked by the number of incoming links, and the 39th biggest “Tokyo blog” overall.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my blog listed (three times) on their list.

New page

30 Oct

I just made a new page on my blog.
It’s titled “What’s that?“, and I made it to answer some of the questions that visitors ask me about “mysterious” things they’ve seen in Japan.

Check it out and if you have any questions about Japan (things you’ve seen, where places are, recommendations for places to visit, etc.), feel free to contact me. And, of course, comments in any of my blogs pages and posts are always appreciated!


24 May

I discovered that I’m not the only “Tokyo Five“.

But I’m the only one that’s actually in Tokyo.

There seems to be an Australian pop band who call themselves “Tokyo Five“.
Not only are they not from Tokyo…but there’s only four members in the band!

Their MySpace page is here.

Then there’s also an American clothing company named “Tokyo Five“!

On the top of my blog here, I write my blog’s name in Japanese as 「トーキョー・ファイブ」 which says “Tokyo Five“. The clothing company writes their name in Japanese as 「東京五」, which are the kanji characters for Tokyo and five…but they are kinda odd together.

Maybe I should buy one of their shirts, and use it to advertise my blog. 😉


Their website is here.

As I wrote in my About Me page, I live in Tokyo with my wife and our three kids. So, we’re a family of five in Tokyo…that’s where the name of my blog, my YouTube page, and my main website came from…I wonder if that Australian band and that American clothing company got their name from my site!?