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24 May

I discovered that I’m not the only “Tokyo Five“.

But I’m the only one that’s actually in Tokyo.

There seems to be an Australian pop band who call themselves “Tokyo Five“.
Not only are they not from Tokyo…but there’s only four members in the band!

Their MySpace page is here.

Then there’s also an American clothing company named “Tokyo Five“!

On the top of my blog here, I write my blog’s name in Japanese as 「トーキョー・ファイブ」 which says “Tokyo Five“. The clothing company writes their name in Japanese as 「東京五」, which are the kanji characters for Tokyo and five…but they are kinda odd together.

Maybe I should buy one of their shirts, and use it to advertise my blog. 😉


Their website is here.

As I wrote in my About Me page, I live in Tokyo with my wife and our three kids. So, we’re a family of five in Tokyo…that’s where the name of my blog, my YouTube page, and my main website came from…I wonder if that Australian band and that American clothing company got their name from my site!?