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Book review & giveaway 1: The Art Of Japanese Architecture

22 Jul

Tuttle Books has kindly given a couple of books to me to read and review on my blog here.

And they also said that they will give (gave) one free copy of each book to a random visitor to my blog!

I will put the information about how you can enter for a chance to win a free book directly from the publisher at the end of this post.

The first book that I will review here is titled: “The Art Of Japanese Architecture” by David and Michiko Young.


If you are interested in Japanese culture, architecture (both traditional and modern), and/or beautiful photographs of Japan, then this book will be of interest to you!

The authors of this book share their comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the structure, design and function of every type of Japanese house, temple, shrine, castle, etc.

It was very interesting to learn how Japanese culture, foreign influences (Chinese, Indian, Korean and western), and local weather have impacted the building designs in Japan.

The Art Of Japanese Architecture” covers all types of buildings in all areas of Japan from 10,000 BC up to today.

And then there are the photographs! There are loads of photographs in this book and many of them are of one or even two full pages in size. And they are gorgeous photos!

The Art Of Japanese Architecture” can be purchased on Amazon.com by clicking here
but, as I mentioned above, the publisher has kindly agreed to give (gave) one free copy to one random visitor of my blog!

Fill in this form by August 31st, 2014 to enter the chance to win a free copy of “The Art Of Japanese Architecture“:

***** Updated September 1st, 2014 *****

This special promo ended on 2014 August 31st. One random winner was selected and contacted directly by Tuttle Publishers (via email) with the details about the free book.

Thank you to all who entered, but only the winner was contacted.