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Brain Test

8 Jan

I found a Japanese website that has IQ-type games.
These games give you ten – fifteen problems and then tells you the equivalent age of your “brain age” (rather than an IQ).
The “ideal age” is twenty-years old, according to the site.

On the first test, you click “START” and then after a three second countdown a set of numbers will flash on the screen:

In the example above, the numbers 3, 9, 8 appear.

Then the numbers will quickly be replaced by blank circles:

The goal is to click the blank circles in the same order that the numbers appeared in, from lowest to highest (so in this example, first you’d click the circle where “3” was, then the one that had “8” and finally the circle that had the “9”.

In the bottom of the screen, in the lower left-hand corner, it tell how many problems are remain in the game.
In the lower right-hand corner, there are two numbers…the first one is the number of questions you answered correctly and the other is how many you missed.

At the end of the game, it will tell you “the age of your brain”. As I mentioned above, 20 years old is best.

Click here to try this game.


In Test 2, about fifteen math problems will appear. But, rather than tell what the sum is, you have to choose the missing “+”, “-“, “X”, or “÷” to make each problem correct.

In the example above, the correct choice would be the plus sign (“+”) because 11 + 2 = 13.

At the end, your “brain age” is calculated on both the number of correct answers as well as how quickly you answered the questions.

Click here to take this test.


Test 3 can be taken in a number of different languages including Japanese or English because you need to read the names of the colors shown.

I prefer to play this game in Japanese but there’s a choice of ten different languages, so you can choose whichever is easier for you before you click the “START” button.

After you choose your language preference and click “START”, a name of a color will be shown in large letters. And the letters will be in one color or another.
And below that word, the names of six colors will be written in various colors.

The idea is to notice the color that the word at the top is written in (regardless of what color it says), and click the name of that color from the six choices below (regardless of what color those letters are).

In this example, 「みどり」 is shown but it’s printed in red, so you’d click 「あか」.

Or, in English…

It says “White” at the top but the letters are red, so you’d click “red” from the list at the bottom.

Click here to play this game.

So, after you finish tell me in the comments what your “brain age” is according to each test. (On test one I scored a brain age of “39 years old”, on test two I got “51”, and on test three it said my brain age is “29 years old”. That averages to 39.6 years old. I am 40 years old, so…)


12 Jul

Do you know the I-phone by Apple Inc.? Do you have one?

Well, the I-phone just went on sale in Japan today? On TV, I saw that there was a line of people waiting to buy one.

I think they just bought it for the the novelty of having a foreign cellular phone. Because Japanese 携帯電話 (cell-phones) can do everything that the I-phone can…plus much more!

For example, with a Japanese cell-phone, you can download music like a I-pod, take photos and video, surf the internet, and send and receive email like the I-phone…but unlike the I-phone, with a Japanese cell-phone you can also watch TV, make purchases like a credit card, pay for public transportation, buy a drink from a vending machine, and prevent other people from using your phone with a fingerprint scanner.

Personally though, I don’t need any of those fancy extras…I only use my cell-phone to send and receive emails and the internet to check the train schedule. Like most people in Japan, I seldom use the telephone function of my cell-phone.


My oldest daughter had a 漢字 (Japanese Kanji character) test today.

She said it was difficult. I’m sure she did well.

And on Sunday, she will have an English oral exam. I’m sure she’ll do well on this, too!