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Japanese McCulture

27 Apr

McDonalds is the epitome of American fast-food pop-culture.
But McDonalds has expanded to many countries around the world. Some people think that that’s a bad thing…but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating fast-food—as long as it’s done in moderation.

If you visit McDonalds in another country, you may be surprised by some of the items on the menu. McDonalds has “basically” the same menu in all of their stores…but they customize the menu in each country to appeal to the tastes of the “locals”.

I wrote a post (click here) that shows some of the unique items on the menu at McDonalds in Japan.

Besides the unique “only-in-Japan” items that are always on McDonalds menu here, they also occasionally offer temporary “only-in-Japan” items.

Currently, McDonalds Japan has the 「メガてりやきバーガー」 (“Mega-Teriyaki Burger”) and in the kids’ 「ハッピーセット」 (“Happy Meal”) there’s a choice of either a 「ドラゴンボール改」 (“Dragon Ball”) or a 「たまごっち」 (“Tamagocchi”) toy.

"Mega-Teriyaki Burger"

"Dragon Ball" or "Tamagocchi" toy in the Happy Meal.

Have you been to a McDonalds in another country? Did you try a “local” menu item?
Have you been to McDonalds in Japan? Did you try the “Teriyaki Burger”?

Teriyaki at Burger King

18 Sep

As I mentioned in this post, McDonalds Japan (and a few other fast-food chains in Japan) offers a “Teriyaki Burger” as a regular menu item.

Well now Burger King in Japan is offering a 「グリルてりやき」 (“Grilled Teriyaki“) for a limited time only.
It costs ¥390 (or ¥290 for the “junior” version).

Do you like Teriyaki? Would you try this burger?


9 Apr

A regular menu item at McDonalds in Japan is the 「てりやきマックバーガー」 (“Teriyaki McBurger“).

「てりやきマックバーガー」 ("Teriyaki McBurger")

(Click here to see my post about other unique items on the menu only at McDonalds in Japan.)

But from April 5th, マクドナルド (McDonalds Japan) has a new teriyaki burger for a limited time…the 「てりたま」 (“Teritama“).

It’s got it’s name because “Teri” is short for “Teriyaki“…and “Tama” is short for “Tamago” (Japanese for “egg”).

It’s a teriyaki burger with egg.

The ad says that it has 「モチモチバンズ」 (“Chewy bun“), which is a texture of food that Japanese like.

It also says that it’s 「マクドナルドの日本の味」 (“McDonald’s Japanese taste“).

Also, according to the ad, at the end of this month the special burger will change to 「ゴマえびフィレオ」 (“Sesame Shrimp Filet“)…
and then in mid-May, they’ll offer the 「チキンタツタ」 (“Ginger-Grilled Chicken“).

Have you ever tried one of the unique menu items at McDonalds in Japan?
What special items do they offer where you live?