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The “Copperfield” of Japan

15 Jan

Do you like to watch magicians? I do. I like magic shows.

There is a famous magician in Japan named 高山セロ (Cyril Takayama). He’s of French-Japanese descent but he was born and raised in America.

セロ (Cyril), as he’s known in Japan, does amazing magic tricks at seemingly random locations around the streets of Tokyo. He does such things as throw a deck of cards at a window where they become imbedded inside the glass or pull food from a picture in a menu.

It’s quite dramatic and amazing to watch!

Since Cyril is “half” French and was born in the U.S., as a gimmick, he speaks a mixture of English and Japanese in his act.

Here’s a video of Cyril at a coffee shop in Tokyo in which he puts a “magic” marker into a poster-menu and uses it as a “tap” to fill a cup with coffee for a customer:

And here’s one where he “pulls” a hamburger from a picture of the burger in a menu-board at a fast-food restaurant:

In this one he visited a clothing store in Korea and stunned the store clerk when he “magically” tried on a shirt right in front of her (Cyril doesn’t speak Korean, so he spoke entirely in English):