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12 Jul

Do you know 「ウルトラマン」 (Ultraman), probably Japan’s most famous super-hero?

I wrote a post about him last March. Click here to read it.

How about “Scatman John“? Do you know who he was?
He was an American musician who became internationally famous for his hit song “Scatman” in 1994.
He died, though, only five years later.

Like numerous other musicians, including The Stray Cats, The Ventures, and Deep PurpleScatman John was more popular in Japan than anywhere else in the world.

When Japanese people are fans of something, they are extremely loyal.

At the height of his popularity here (in Japan), there were Scatman John toys and he even recorded a couple of songs for the Japanese TV commercials titled 「プリプリ・スキャット」 (“Puri Puri Scat“) and 「Su-Su-Su-Super キ・レ・イ」 (“Su-Su-Su-Super Ki-re-i“).

I remember when his songs 「Su-Su-Su-Super キ・レ・イ」 (“Su-Su-Su-Super Ki-re-i“) and 「プリプリ・スキャット」 (“Puri Puri Scat“) were on TV many times about 13 years ago.

「プリプリ・スキャット」 (“Puri Puri Scat“) was for a pudding TV commercial, and 「Su-Su-Su-Super キ・レ・イ」 (“Su-Su-Su-Super Ki-re-i“) was for a make-up commercial (the name means “Su-su-su-super pretty”).

Here’s his video for 「Su-Su-Su-Super キ・レ・イ」 (“Su-Su-Su-Super Ki-re-i“):

The reason I mentioned 「ウルトラマン」 (Ultraman) at the top of this post…and this post is titled 「スキャット・ウルトラマン」 (Scat-Ultraman) is because at the height of Scatman John‘s popularity in Japan, a song and video titled 「スキャット・ウルトラマン」 (Scat-Ultraman) was recorded which featured Ultraman and monsters from the show.

Here it is: