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Angry Whopper

12 Jun

I mentioned a couple times on this site that spicy food is popular in the summer in Japan. Many fast-food chains in Japan offer special spicy foods on their menu during the summer.

Right now, Becker’s is offering the “Magma Burger.
And last year Burger King Japan offered the “Angry Whopper“.

Well, I guess the Angry Whopper was popular last year because Burger King Japan brought it back this year.

The Angry Whopper has ハラペーニョ (jalapeno peppers) on it.
For ¥420, you can get the 「ウマ辛」 (“Mild Hot”) level burger,
for ¥480, you have have more jalapeno peppers to bring it to 「ビリ辛」 (“Hot”) level,
and a whopper at 「激辛」 (“Very Hot”) level costs ¥540.

They also sell a 「アングリーワッパーJr」」 (“Angry Whopper Jr.”) for ¥340.

Also, right now at Burger King Japan, the four-piece 「BKテンダーズ」 (“BK (Chicken) Tenders”) are being sold for ¥100…but if you want  the  spicy “Angry Sauce” instead of ketchup, then the price is ¥150.

I’m surprised that Burger King in Japan sells their nuggets as four-pieces since almost nothing in Japan is sold as a set of four because the Japanese word for “four” is similar to the Japanese word for “death”.
McDonalds, for example, sells their “McNuggets” as a set of five in Japan (odd numbers are more popular than even in Japan).

Does Burger King sell the “BK Tenders” as a set of four in your country?


5 Jun

I recently wrote a post about Lotteria’sTower Cheeseburger“.

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I also mentioned last year that, in Japan, spicy food is popular in the summer and I showed some of the spicy menu items that were on the fast food menus in Japan last year.

(Click here to read that post).

Well, for this summer, the Japanese hamburger chain “Becker’s” (which is owned by Japan’s largest train operator, Japan Railways (JR)) is currently offering a new spicy burger on their menu.

It’s called 「粗挽きマグマチーズバーガー」 (“Magma Cheeseburger“).

It costs ¥820 for the burger, fries, salad and a drink or ¥470 for just the burger itself (単品).