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Last Saturday and today…

13 Nov

Do you know the story about Hachiko ?

I wrote a post about that faithful dog…click here to read it.

I know that there is an event every year on April 9th in 渋谷 (Shibuya, Tokyo) in honor of Hachiko. That date was chosen because it’s the anniversary of the day the famous statue of the dog was erected near the train station where Hachiko patiently waited everyday for his master to return home…even after his master died.

I didn’t know, until I saw the Google logo on Saturday (November 10, 2012) that Hachiko was born on November tenth.

Google’s logo for Hachiko’s birthday (Nov 10).

I probably wouldn’t have even mentioned it…except for the fact that my birthday is also November 10th.


Today (November 13th) is “World Kindness Day“.

This is an event every year on November 13th to remind us to try to do something kind for others. Even a kind word.

I wrote about this day before. Click here to read my post that explains a bit of the history of this event…it started in Japan.

I like to read stories about people being kind rather than the usual unhappy stories that are always in the news.

Have you heard any uplifting stories about someone being kind? Tell about it in the comments!

World Kindness Day

13 Nov

Today (November 13) is “World Kindness Day“.

Do you know this holiday?

Did you know that it was started in Tokyo, Japan thirteen years ago?

It was originally started by a Japanese college professor in Tokyo in the late 1960’s and was called “Small Kindness Day“.
The idea of the day was that everyone should do some small act of kindness to at least one person…making the world a better place to live.

On 1997 November 13 it became an international holiday and the name was changed to “World Kindness Day“.