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17 Apr

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about a charity album of pop songs to help the victims of the disaster of March 11th.

Personally, I only like a few of the thirty-eight songs on that album.

There have been other celebrities who have given the proceeds from concerts, songs or other things to help the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. The most recent celebrity that I’ve heard about is the American rock band “My Chemical Romance“.

I don’t know this band very well. I haven’t heard any of their music before today. But I found out that they re-recorded the video for one of their songs (titled “Sing“) to include images of the aftermath of the tsunami in the Sendai area and messages of hope to the people of Japan from fans of this band from around the world.

My Chemical Romance put the new video on a website called “「日本の為に歌え」 (Sing For Japan)” and offer the song for download for US$1.29 with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the disaster in Sendai.

They also offer a T-shirt with the 「日本の為に歌え」 (Sing For Japan) design for US$20. All proceeds from the T-shirt sales also go to help the victims in the Sendai area.

Here is the new video for the song:

This song sounds nice to me. I think I’m going to check out more of My Chemical Romance‘s music now.