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Another movie…

17 Dec

As I said in this post (click here), Hollywood has remade many Japanese movies.

Well, it seems that the American actor, Richard Gere is starring in another Hollywood remake of a Japanese movie. As I mention in this post (click here), Richard Gere was in the U.S. remake of the Japanese movie titled “Shall We Dance?“…and now he’s in a remake of the Japanese movie 「ハチ公物語」 (Hachiko’s Story).


The Hollywood version is called “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story“.


The Japanese movie, 「ハチ公物語」 (Hachiko’s Story), is a true story.

One difference in the U.S. version is that the real ハチ公 (Hachiko) was an 秋田犬 (Akita-inu dog)…


But the dog is the Richard Gere movie, “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story“, is a 柴犬 (Shiba-inu dog).


They look similar…but not the same.

Have you seen either “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” or the original 「ハチ公物語」 (Hachiko’s Story)? If not, are you planning to? If you have watched them, what was your impression?

Do you know the story of 「ハチ公」 (Hachiko)?


ハチ公」 (Hachiko), or 「忠犬ハチ公」 (“Faithful dog Hachiko“), is a famous statue near 渋谷駅 (Shibuya train station) in Tokyo. It’s in honor of a dog named 「ハチ公」 (Hachiko) that waited at that train station everyday for his master…and after his master died, he still waited for him at the station everyday for about ten years (until the dog died)!

ハチ公」 (Hachiko) is considered a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness to loved ones.

By the way, when Helen Keller visited Japan in the 1930’s, she was so inspired by the story of 「ハチ公」 (Hachiko) that she got an 秋田犬 (Akita-inu dog) for herself.