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Could you find the proper restroom?

16 Oct

In Japan, nearly every public restroom has a blue picture of a man on the men’s room door and a red picture of a woman on the ladies’ room door.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, especially at places that don’t get many foreign customers, the doors with be marked with black kanji symbols for male and female on the respective doors.

Would you be able to find the correct restroom? Take this two-question quiz to see.

For this quiz, this symbol will be “no. 1”.


For this quiz, this symbol will be “no. 2”.

How did you do? Did you know the answers, of just guess them? Tell me in the comments section!

Animals Quiz

25 Sep

Here are the names of some common animals in Japanese. Do you know what animals they are?

Take this easy, multiple-choice quiz.

After you take the quiz, leave a comment on this post to tell me how you did. Also, tell me what you thought of the quiz (Too easy? Too difficult?), and how you knew the answers that you got right (Lucky guess? You study Japanese?).

Here’s the quiz:

(Also, if you liked this quiz, I have another similar one, here.)

Japan Quiz

24 Sep

****Updated: 2014 September 28th****

Thank you to the many people who took this “Japan Quiz” during the few days that it was on my blog!

This quiz was more popular than I anticipated, so I’ll make another one in the future.

Here are the answers to the quiz:


Here’s a short quiz about Japan.  It’s just for fun and not too difficult.

Submit your answers and I will contact you with you score.

Also, I will put the correct answers on this post after a few days or so (on Sept 28th 2014).

Anyhow, here’s my quiz about Japan with the correct answers in red. (Feel free to leave a comment on this post with any thoughts or questions you have about this quiz):


1. What is the name of the country of Japan in Japanese?

(A) Japan  (B) Japon  (C) Nippon  (D) Kingdom of Japan


2. What is the essential ingredient for sushi?

(A) Vinegared  rice  (B) Raw fish  (C) Seaweed  (D) Soy sauce


3. What are Cherry Blossoms called in Japanese?

(A) Ocha  (B) Sakana  (C)  Sakura  (D) Sanma


4. Who is the beloved robot cat from the 22nd century?

(A) Doraemon  (B) Gundam  (C) Chibi-Maruko   (D) Baikin Man










5.  Hokkaido is the __________ prefecture in Japan?

(A) northernmost  (B) easternmost   (C) southernmost  (D) westernmost


6.  Tokyo Disneyland is actually in ____________ prefecture.

(A) Kanagawa  (B) Chiba  (C) Saitama  (D) Ibaraki


7.  What is a shinkansen ?

(A) A postage stamp  (B) A bicycle  (C) A rice cooker  (D) A bullet-train


8. A koban is a  ____________ .

(A) post office  (B) police box   (C)  ambulance  (D) train station


9.  Which is a traditional Japanese toy?

(A)  Kendama   (B) Pi-man  (C) Makura   (D) Zubon

Japanese kendama toy.











10.  The flag of Japan is called “_________” in Japanese.

(A) Rising Sun  (B) Aka-shiro  (C) Hi-no-maru  (D) Taiyo-no-hata