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11 Nov

Today I saw a blind woman at a train station with a 盲導犬 (seeing eye dog).
He led her safely through the crowded station and wasn’t startled when the train came rushing into the station near him. He led her into the train and to an empty seat and then he laid down and slid below the train seat out of the way.

I think 盲導犬 (seeing eye dogs) are amazing! They seem to understand how important their job is and they take it very seriously.

It reminds me of one of my favorite movies. It’s called 「盲導犬クイールの一生」 (“Quill”).


The movie 「盲導犬クイールの一生」 (“Quill”) is a true story about the life of a Labrador named “Quill” (because of a black marking on his fur that resembles a feather) who becomes a seeing-eye-dog and the people whose lives he touches.

The movie’s a tear-jerker.

I’ve only seen the movie in 日本語 (Japanese), so I’m not sure whether there are versions of it in other languages or not.
But, if you have the chance to see the movie, I recommend it.