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10 Apr

Here’s a なぞなぞ (Japanese riddle).

Can you guess the answer?

(What type of sushi has an unknown price?)

Write your answer in the comment section of this post.
I’ll put the correct answer here soon.

edited: 2013 April 11

Here is the answer (there are two possible answers):

First, the more common answer is:

「いくら」 (fish roe)

This is because 「いくら」 is pronounced “ikura” and is “fish roe”, which is a possible topping on sushi.
But also 「いくら」 (ikura) is the Japanese for “What is the price?

Another possible answer is:
「はまち」 (Yellowtail Tuna)

This is also a possible answer to the riddle because 「はまち」 is another possible sushi topping, and it’s pronounced hamachi which sounds similar (with a Japanese pronunciation) to the English phrase “How much?