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31 May

In an post almost exactly a year ago, I mentioned some of the differences between convenience stores in America and the ones here in Japan.
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One of the differences I mentioned was that in America, over-the-counter medicines (OTC), such as aspirin and cough medicine, can be purchased at conveniences stores and even at gas stations.

But, in Japan, the selling of medicine is highly regulated and even OTC medicine can only be bought at drug stores (which aren’t open 24 hours a day like convenience stores).
This is because drug stores are staffed by licensed pharmacists and to even buy aspirin or cough medicine, you had to describe your symptoms to the pharmacist and he would suggest which medicine you should use…and explain the proper dosage.

Well, the Japanese government just relaxed the regulation of OTC medications, and beginning tomorrow convenience stores and supermarkets can sell OTC medications like aspirin and cough medicine, etc.