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More unusual burgers…

18 Jun

A few years ago, Burger King Japan offered a black burger…even the bread cheese were black!
(Click here to see my post about it).

And then, last year, McDonalds Japan decided to get in the game.
They offered a pink Sakura Teriyaki & Egg Burger in April, and their own black burger in October.

McDonalds Japan's pink 「さくらたまてら」 (Sakura Teryaki & Egg) burger.

McDonalds Japan’s pink 「さくらてりたま」 (Sakura Teriyaki & Egg) burger.

And now, Burger King Japan has decided to offer new, unusually-colored burgers this summer (2015).

From July 3rd (until sometime in August), they will offer two new spicy red sandwiches…even the cheese and buns are red!

The "Aka (Red) Samurai Beef"

The “Aka (Red) Samurai Beef”

The “Aka (Red) Samurai Chicken”

And then, for a limited-time from August 21st, Burger King Japan will offer two new black sandwiches with black cheese and buns…but different from the ones they offered a few years back.

The "Kuro (Black) Shogun" burger with black cheese and eggplants.

The “Kuro (Black) Shogun” burger with black cheese and eggplants.

The “Kuro (Black) Taiso” burger with black cheese and hash-potato.

McDonalds “World Cup” menu

29 May

Do you know the FIFA soccer “World Cup“? Do you watch it?

It’s like the Olympics or “Super Bowl” for soccer.

I remember when Korea and Japan co-hosted the World Cup in 2002 and many matches were held in the Tokyo area. I tried to get interested in the event. I watched the games that Japan played, as well as the games that America played.

But, if I’m honest, I find soccer pretty boring.

I guess I’m in the minority with that opinion though because soccer, especially the World Cup, is very popular around the world.
In Japan, too.

It wasn’t always like that. When I first came to Japan, soccer wasn’t very popular here. Baseball was by far the most popular sport in Japan then.
When Japan co-hosted the 2002 World Cup, soccer-fever took off in Japan. And it’s been very popular here since.

Anyways, in anticipation of the 2014 World Cup, which will be hosted by Brazil from 2014 June 12th – July 13th, McDonalds in Japan is offering a special “World Cup” menu.

It says 「一番ウマい国はどこだ。」 (“Which country is the best?”)

They offer a Brazilian BBQ burger, German pork sandwich, Italian Risotto balls, Chicken McNuggets with Italian Basil and Cheese dip, JapaneseRamune” floats, and more.

Is McDonalds doing a World Cup campaign like this in your country too?


15 Apr

More and more McDonalds in Japan have begun offering delivery service called “McDelivery“.


Does McDonalds offer delivery service in your country? Have you ever used it?

I have used pizza delivery, ramen delivery and sushi delivery…but I still have never used Kentucky Fried Chicken or McDonalds delivery?

What types of food can be delivered in your country?

And, just like the pizza, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other delivery services in Japan, McDonald’s McDelivery have company mopeds that are used to deliver the food.mcbike


4 Apr

McDonalds in Japan have been trying to get more weekday breakfast customers lately.

Awhile back, they offered free menu items, such as an Egg McMuffin or hash browns, to customers who come in for breakfast on a Monday.

This month, McDonalds Japan is having a very unusual campaign to try to boost Monday breakfast sales.

If you come in for breakfast on Monday, 2013 April 8, you will be given a free pack of chewing gum.
If you come in for breakfast on Monday, 2013 April 15, you will be given a free bottle of shampoo.
If you come in for breakfast on Monday, 2013 April 22, you will be given a free pack of skin cream.
And if you come in for breakfast on Monday, 2013 April 29, you will be given a free can of Sprite soft-drink.


Big America is back again…

1 Feb

Starting today at McDonalds in Japan, the Texas Burger is back on the menu for a limited time.
It will be followed by the Idaho Burger.

Other items that have returned to McDonalds menu here for a limited time are:

Blueberry Milkshakes,
Mega Muffin (double Sausage McMuffin on the morning menu),
American BBQ flavor French Fries,
Creamy Ranch Sauce for the Chicken McNuggets
and coming soon…Maple Custard Pie.


Chicken Wasabi

27 Apr

Do you know what わさび (wasabi) is?

Wasabi is a spicy condiment made from a root. It is most commonly eaten with sushi…but, it is eaten with other foods as well–including avacado, noodles, and mayonnaise.
There are also “wasabi snacks”—potato chips and nuts—in Japan.

I like spicy food. So, I eat wasabi on many different things.

Do you like wasabi?

Well, now McDonalds in Japan is offering a new item…
the 「チキンタツタわさびタルタル」 (which is basically “Fried Chicken with Wasabi Tartar-sauce“) sandwich.

Smart Phones

17 Mar

I just got a new cell-phone.
I had my previous one for about seven years…so I thought it was time to replace it.
So I got myself my first “Smart phone”.  It’s pretty nice…but I still learning how to use it.

I like the  that I can add to my phone !  For example ,  I’m writing this post on my phone right now on the “WordPress”  application on my phone while I’m riding the train.
Other applications that I like are the McDonald’s Japan coupons and ones for Japanese language study.

What are some Smart phone applications that you like?

In Japan , even many vending machines have “smart ” touch screens.



This is a screenshot of my cell-phone’s “WordPress” application:

I have a Sony “Android” phone. I put a photo of it in this comment.

What type of smart-phone do you use / like?  Take this survey (and elaborate in the comment section):