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First job interview

18 Jun

It’s the 梅雨 (rainy season) in Tokyo now. But at least so far, it hasn’t rained so much.

Last Tuesday night, it rained really hard…there was even (lightning and thunder).
Other than that, it’s only rained a couple days recently…and only a little bit.
So far, this year’s 梅雨 (rainy season) in Tokyo isn’t bad.

As I mentioned in an earlier post (click here), my oldest daughter wants to get a part-time job after school.

Her first job! I still think of my kids as my “babies”!

I agreed that she could work a few hours after school…as long as it doesn’t make her too tired for her “real job”—as a high school student!

So, today she went on her first job interview. It was at a ramen restaurant near our house.
They told her that they will call her on Saturday with the results of the interview.

If she begins working at that ramen restaurant, I’ll probably stop by there after work every once-in-while when she’s working! 🙂

I remember my first job interview. It was at a “Wendy’s” fast-food shop near my house in Florida when I was sixteen.
I was offered the job and I accepted it. So my first job was at that Wendy’s after school.