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Walkman is more popular than I-pod in Japan

4 Sep

In Japan, the Sony Walkman® MP3 player has begun selling more units than the I-pod®.

Consumers in Japan feel that the sound quality of the Walkman is superior to that of the I-pod.
Also, the Walkman‘s headphones are more comfortable and offer better sound.

Many people feel that the software to upload files to the Walkman is easier to use than the I-pod‘s software.

And finally, the battery in the Walkman charges faster and the charge lasts much longer than the battery in the I-pod.

I have a Sony Walkman® MP3 player and so does my oldest daughter. My younger two daughters have the I-pod® players.
And I agree with all of the points above. The Walkman is better!
(Also, I know many people think that the I-pod looks cool…but I like the design of the Walkman MP-3 player better. The I-pod looks weak, but the Walkman looks tough, in my opinion.)

Sony Walkman MP3 players

Sony Walkman MP3 players

Apple I-pod MP3 players

Apple I-pod MP3 players

Which do you have? Walkman or I-pod? Why did you choose that one?
Have you tried both? Which is better, in your opinion?

(By the way, on this subject, I wrote a post last July about an English boy who traded his I-pod to try out an “old-school” 1979 style Walkman. Click here to see it).