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Anki Flashcards

8 Apr

Do you the flashcard application / software called “Anki“?

"Anki" is a Japanese word that means "Memorization"

You can download Anki on your computer or AnkiDroid on your Android Smartphone (there’s also an I-Phone application).

This software, made by Damien Elmes, is an excellent tool for learning a language or nearly anything else that can be studied with flashcards.

You can make your own cards (and share them, if you want to) or download cards that other people have made.
And it’s all free!

I made a deck of basic everyday Japanese words. If you study Japanese, please try them…and let me know (on this post’s comment section) what you think of them.

My deck is called “Useful Japanese Vocab.“. You can find it by searching that title on the Anki site.

To use the flashcards, you are shown one “side” then you click “Show answer”.

After that, you click “Soon”, “Good” “Easy” or “Very easy”, depending on how well you knew the answer.

If you study with the deck often, you can learn a lot.

A card from my deck.

Click here to go to the Anki site.


12 Jul

Do you know the I-phone by Apple Inc.? Do you have one?

Well, the I-phone just went on sale in Japan today? On TV, I saw that there was a line of people waiting to buy one.

I think they just bought it for the the novelty of having a foreign cellular phone. Because Japanese 携帯電話 (cell-phones) can do everything that the I-phone can…plus much more!

For example, with a Japanese cell-phone, you can download music like a I-pod, take photos and video, surf the internet, and send and receive email like the I-phone…but unlike the I-phone, with a Japanese cell-phone you can also watch TV, make purchases like a credit card, pay for public transportation, buy a drink from a vending machine, and prevent other people from using your phone with a fingerprint scanner.

Personally though, I don’t need any of those fancy extras…I only use my cell-phone to send and receive emails and the internet to check the train schedule. Like most people in Japan, I seldom use the telephone function of my cell-phone.


My oldest daughter had a 漢字 (Japanese Kanji character) test today.

She said it was difficult. I’m sure she did well.

And on Sunday, she will have an English oral exam. I’m sure she’ll do well on this, too!