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6 Jul

Now it feels like Summer in Tokyo…sweltering!

Until Thursday, it had been comfortably warm…but since Friday, it’s gotten quite hot and humid here.

We went out yesterday and it got up to 37°C (99° F)!

As we were walking around, we saw this cat resting in the shade:

Although it gets very 蒸し暑い (hot and humid; muggy) in Tokyo during the Summer…there are many great Summer festivals in this city that will be starting soon!

Some photos I took yesterday:

The main reason we went out yesterday was to buy advanced discount tickets for a movie that the five of us want to watch next weekend at the theater.

The movie is 「ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 (千年呪い歌)」 (Ge-Ge-Ge-No-Kitarou (1000 Year Cursed Song)).

It’s the second live action movie from the long-running cartoon about a group of monsters. We saw part one last year and it was good, so we’re looking forward to seeing the sequel.

The cartoon started in the ’60s and it’s on TV every Sunday (new ones…not re-runs).

This is a picture of the main characters in the cartoon:

And here they are in a movie promo picture:

After we bought the movie tickets, we went to the park and happened upon a show of two Peruvian Indians playing their traditional music.

They were quite good!

I took a few short videos of them and uploaded them to My YouTube Page.