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1 Sep

Today is the 90th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake that flattened Tokyo at about noon on September 1st, 1923.

Disaster Prevention in Tokyo

1 Sep

Today is 2010 September 1. The 87th anniversary of the 「関東大震災」 (“Great Kanto Earthquake“) that destroyed the Tokyo area on 1923 September 1.

So every year on September 1st in Japan, it’s called 「防災の日」 (“Disaster Prevention Day”).

On this day, fire departments give fire and earthquake safety tips to people, schools hold earthquake drills, and people are encouraged to check and maintain their “earthquake kits” that are recommended to be in every home.

It is said that in Japan’s history, a major earthquake has struck on average every eighty years. So it is expected that Tokyo is due for another one.
I really hope not!

No major earthquakes have struck Tokyo in a long while (“knock on wood”), but a different disaster has hit Tokyo this summer.
A heat wave.

It was reported on the news today that the temperature this summer in Tokyo has been the hottest in 113 years!
The temperature reached 35°C a number of times this summer.
Over a hundred people died from heat stroke and thousands were hospitalized.

It has been brutally hot in Tokyo this summer…and the forecast for the rest of this week says the heat and humidity will continue.

"Uchimizu" is a traditional Japanese custom of throwing water onto the streets to lower the temperature in the city a bit.

85 Years Ago

1 Sep

On September 1, 1923, the 関東大震災 (Great Kanto Earthquake) struck the Tokyo area and flattened the city. It registered about 8.4 (out of 10) on the Richter Scale!

It struck at noon, when people were preparing lunch with gas stoves, so many fires broke out. Over 100,000 people died. And most of the deaths were from the fires.

(This photo was taken of the earthquake’s aftermath by August Kengelbacher).

Every year on September 1, the 自衛隊 (Japanese Self-Defense Forces) hold an earthquake drill with the public to help prepare for another major earthquake.
This year’s drill was held yesterday (Sunday) so that more of the public could participate. About 15,000 people were a part of this year’s drill.
Also, American military stationed in Japan and Korean and Taiwanese rescue teams helped with the drill.