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Top 20 Albums

14 Apr

Stuff.co.nz has a so-called list of “MTV’s Greatest Album Ever Top 20” on their site.

Number one on their list is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson!

I not a Michael Jackson fan by a long-shot! I dislike him and his music. I think that “Thriller” album is way over-rated!
Their list also includes albums such as “OK Computer” by Radiohead. They’re even worse than Michael Jackson!

In fact, every single album on their list is a waste of vinyl, in my opinion…except one: they have “Appetite For Destruction” by Guns ‘N Roses listed as number three.
Appetite For Destruction” is a great album!

I couldn’t believe, though, that they put a list of the Top 20 Greatest Albums Ever and included those other nineteen albums!
But after I re-read the article, I noticed it says “…votes were cast by fans asked to choose their favorite album since 1981 from a shortlist of 26 LPs.

So, their list is basically meaningless (and so wrong!).

That made me do a search for a better list of the best albums of all time.

I found a list of the Best 500 Albums Of All Time.
It’s better…but KISS doesn’t appear of it even once! (And they have that awful Radiohead as number one! Motörhead ♠ or Diamondhead would’ve been better!)

So, I decided I should put online an accurate list of the best albums.

Here it is…the Best Twenty Albums Of All Time:

  • KISS (their debut album). Eight out of the ten songs on this album are classics! How many other albums have 80% of the songs that are concert staples for decades?


  • AC/DC : Back In Black.


  • KISS : Alive II. When I was about eight-years-old, this is the first KISS album I ever saw. It made an impression on me.


  • Mötley Crüe : Shout At The Devil. The epitome of ’80s heavy metal.


  • Guns ‘N Roses : Appetite For Destruction. The only album from MTV’s list that belongs on a Top 20 list!


  • Jackyl (their debut album). The lead singer plays the chainsaw! That’s rock ‘n roll!


  • Def Leppard : Pyromania. The last decent album by this band! I saw them in concert after the drummer lost his arm in an accident and began drumming with one arm!
  • leppard
  • Megadeth : Countdown To Extinction.


  • Metallica (the black album. (Should be titled: “Don’t Tread On Me” because of the cover)). All of Metallica‘s albums up to this one are great! Don’t know what happened to them after they cut their hair though!)


  • Ozzy Osbourne : Blizzard Of Ozz. Ozzy is the Godfather of Metal. I love all of his albums…but this one is best!


  • Judas Priest : Defenders Of The Faith.


  • Queensrÿche : Operation:Mindcrime. This album is a masterpiece! I usually don’t like concept albums…but this is the rare great concept-album!


  • Quiet Riot : Metal Health. Every metal-head bought this album in 1983!


  • RATT : Out Of The Cellar.


  • Black Sabbath : Master Of Reality.  Any Black Sabbath album is great!


  • Savatage : Hall Of The Mountain King. By far their best album.


  • Scorpions : Love At First Sting.


  • Twisted Sister : Stay Hungry. Did you know that they dedicated this 1984 album to Arnold Schwarzenegger?


  • Skid Row (their debut album). The song “Youth Gone Wild” is the perfect metal anthem.


  • Dangerous Toys (their debut album).


What do you think of my list? Have you ever listened to any of these albums? Do you own them? Do you like them?

Write your own “Top 20 Best Albums” list in the comments section?

What’s wrong with the internet?

28 Nov

I like the internet alot. I think it’s amazing. And convenient.
But, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s not perfect.

A few problems that I think should be corrected to make the internet better:

  • There are no ratings
    I think every website should be rated according to it’s content and language. And parents and schools should be able to set their computers to what level they want to allow their children to have access to.
    As it is, it’s too easy for children to view all kinds of unmentionable things.
    I suppose some people will read that and think “It’s the parents’ job to monitor what their kids look at!“…to which I’d say that’s precisely why I want sites to be rated—so I can monitor what my kids have access to!
    I mean, movies are rated for that reason. Noone expects parents to go to a theater and watch a movie so that they can decide whether or not to allow their kids to watch it! I think the internet should be rated similiarly.
  • Uninformed opinions posing as fact.
    If you’re not 100% positive of something that you’re writing, just say “I think…” or “Maybe…”! I mean when I search the web for the answer to a question, I’d like to think that the answer I find is correct and not the webmaster’s opinion. There’s nothing wrong with posting your opinion or observations on your site…but you should clarify it as such!
    For example, I saw a blog by someone who visited Japan and at one point he stated that Japan has no sales tax. This is wrong. Japan’s sales tax is currently 5%. I’m sure that he thought there’s no sales tax here because a few years ago it became mandatory for shops to show the after-tax price…so the cost on the price tag is the amount you pay.
    He should have either researched Japan’s sales tax online…or simply stated something like: “I think Japan has no sales tax“.
  • Unanswered email and comments.
    If you put your email address and/or comment section on your site…you should reply to every email and comment that you receive! As soon as possible. Especially if you’re a company!

Just my opinion.

On a different note, Guns ‘N Roses, the American rock ‘n roll band that was immensely popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s, just released a new album after seventeen years!

I believe that the only original member in the current line-up is W. Axl Rose, the vocalist.

The name of the new album is “Chinese Democracy“.


If they released this album in the early ’90s, soon after their 1991 two-album release (Use Your Illusion I and II), it surely would’ve been a big hit.

But I wonder how relevant Guns ‘N Roses are now.

Anyways, I read online that the Chinese government was upset with the title track and removed it from the pressings of the album in China…and that the Guns ‘N Roses website is inaccessible there.

Also, the American soft drink company, Dr. Pepper®, had a campaign that was if the Guns ‘N Roses album “Chinese Democracy” is released before the end of the year 2008…they’d give a free Dr. Pepper drink to every person in America. And, according to this website, they did it!
Did you live in America? Did you get a free Dr. Pepper?