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Tourist-like behavior

19 Oct

According to the website What Japan Thinks, these are the top ten tourist-like behavior that Japanese people exhibit when they travel overseas:

10. Going to the duty free shop before departure
9. Eating at Japanese restaurants (rather than trying the local cuisine)
8. Forgetting to tip (because it’s not a custom in Japan)
7. Taking a packaged tour
6. Taking photos of food with a cell-phone camera
5. Doing everything in a group
4. Putting valuables in a waist pouch or shoulder bag
3. Buying a lot of brand-name goods
2. Following the recommended course in a guide book
1. Taking many photos

And here are the top ten list of behavior of foreigners in Japan (who have been here for a while, probably) that surprise Japanese people:

10. Singing Japanese traditional Enka songs.
9. Using Japanese era dates, not Western calendar
8. Wearing a necktie around head when drunk (this is a common image of Japanese middle-age businessmen who’ve drunk too much)

7. Eating with chopsticks
6. Eating natto (a Japanese dish made of fermented soybeans)
5. Using Japanese proverbs or idioms
4. Speaking Japanese fluently
3. Speaking Japanese with one of the regional dialects
2. Bowing while speaking on the telephone (A number of people in Japan (especially older people) do this)
1. Writing difficult kanji (Japanese (Chinese) written characters)