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29 Nov

Last year, a Japanese 時代劇 (Japanese samurai period movie) movie was released titled 「メタル侍」 (Metal Samurai). And now it’s out on DVD.


In case you couldn’t tell by the title, this is not an average 時代劇 (Japanese samurai period movie). It’s quite tongue-in-cheek.

I can’t help but think that the writers of this movie were inspired by the success of the Japanese movie Detroit Metal City…because, besides both movies having the word “metal” in the title, in both movies the hero wears make-up similar to the make-up of the American band “KISS“.


Another unique thing about this movie is that not only does the hero wear KISS Kabuki-style make-up…but he’s also an 外人タレント (actor who’s a foreigner).

The movie’s website is in 日本語 (Japanese) with one page in English…click here to visit it.


Also, there seems to be a number of Western (American / European) artists who are making Japan-themed work these days.

Of course, KISS is quite Japan-themed…with their kabuki style make-up and they have a song titled “God Of Thunder“…some people speculate that KISS got the title for that song from the Japanese 雷神 (God Of Thunder), who is usually with the 風神 (God Of Wind):


In fact, KISS‘s latest album 地獄烈伝 (“Hell’s Biography“) has the 雷神 (God Of Thunder) on the cover:


(It’s a Japan-only release, BTW. The English title is “KISSology“).

KISS also often uses the Japanese character for “Power“: 「」…and their second album, “Hotter Than Hell“, had alot Japanese writing on it (albeit with many mistakes…for example: Ace Frehley‘s name is written in Japanese as: 「エース・フレーリー」…but on the KISS album it’s mistakenly written as: 「エイス・フューリ」):


More recently, Anthrax‘s 2004 album “The Greater Of Two Evils” has 「スラッシュ・メタル」 (“Thrash Metal”) written in Japanese on the cover:


Zebrahead released an album in 2001 titled “Stupid Fat Americans” with a Geisha on the cover:


Even more recently, both Eric Martin (of Mr. Big) and Andrew W.K. have each released an album on which they remake Japanese pop songs.
And Sum 41‘s new album is called 「ザ・ベスト・オブ SUM ★ 41」 (“The Best Of SUM ★ 41“). The album cover shows the band’s likeness in a Japanese 弁当 (lunch box) and says “8 Years of Blood, Sake and Tears” on a pair of 割箸 (disposable chopsticks).