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Music Promotion Videos

28 May

I mentioned some of my favorite rock ‘n roll albums on an earlier post (Click here to read it).

Here are some of my music videos to some great songs:

KISSI Love It Loud

MegadethSymphony Of Destruction

Ozzy OsbourneGets Me Through

Quiet RiotCum On Feel The Noize

MetallicaNothing Else Matters

JackylI Stand Alone

The Japanese band LoudnessThis Lonely Heart

Twisted SisterWe’re Not Gonna Take It

Judas PriestYou’ve Got Another Thing Comin’


LordiWould You Love A Monsterman?

ScorpionsRock You Like A Hurricane

Skid RowYouth Gone Wild

A Japanese band named RIZEName

Def LeppardRock Of Ages

Monkey Majik and 吉田兄弟Change



28 Mar

Some items I’ve heard on the news recently:

  • A woman in her fifties asked a man in his twenties to stop playing a noisy video game on a crowded commuter train in Saitama, Japan.
    At which, he became irate and insulting…and began to punch her in the face!
    He managed to break the woman’s jaw before other commuters restrained him!
  • Another man in his twenties pushed a elderly woman off of a train platform in front of an oncoming train at 東京駅 (Tokyo Station).
    She was hit by the train…but luckily the train was already coming to a stop and her injuries weren’t life threatening! The man, of course, is being charged with attempted murder.
  • Beginning April 1, 2009, Japan Railway (JR) train stations in Japan will become completely “smoke free“.
    Currently, every station has designated smoking areas…but starting next Wednesday (April 1), every station will be entirely “no smoking”.
  • There is a new disturbing current trend among teenagers in America. It’s called “xting“.
    “Sëxting” is the act of teenagers (usually girls) taking photos of themselves n@ked or semi-n@ked with their cell-phone camera and emailing them to friends.
  • Toyota (currently the #1 car maker in the world) may be forced to help bail-out America’s “Big 3” car makers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler).
  • The American rock band KISS is planning to release their first studio album of new songs in eleven years in September 2009.



9 Mar

Gene Simmons is on the cover of this month issue of Burrn! magazine again.


Gene Simmons is the bass player in my favorite rock band, KISS. And Burrn! magazine is Japan’s best hard rock / heavy metal magazine.

The reason Gene Simmons is on the current cover of Burrn! is because KISS‘s comprehensive DVD set called “KISSology” will be released here in Japan this month.

KISSology vol.1

KISSology vol.1

KISSology vol 2

KISSology vol 2

KISSology vol 3

KISSology vol 3

Thanks to my friend Masa for letting me know about this.
(BTW, I first met Masa ten years ago this week! (Masa, let’s go out for a beer soon!)).

Loudness drummer R.I.P.

2 Dec

Do you know the Japanese heavy metal band “Loudness“?


They were the first Japanese heavy metal band to become popular in America (followed by Japanese bands like EZO). For their U.S. label, they released about five albums in English (including one (“Soldier Of Fortune“) with an American singer named Mike Vescera (because the original singer was fired in the late 1980s…then rehired)…but in Japan, they’ve released many Japanese albums.

I saw Loudness in concert in America around 1987 for their “Hurricane Eyes” tour. (And I also saw the the lead vocalist, 二井原実 (Minoru NIIHARA) singing for the band Ded Chaplin at a concert in Tokyo). Loudness hasn’t been popular in America since the late 1980s (and probably most Americans don’t even know the band…unless they were a heavy metal fan in the ’80s).

But Loudness has released many albums in Japan and have put on concert tours here (in Japan)…until as recently as last October.

Recently, tragedy has struck Loudness. Last April, the drummer of the band, 樋口宗孝 (Munetaka HIGUCHI ), was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Well, he died last Sunday morning (November 30, 2008) about one month before his 50th birthday.

樋口宗孝 (Munetaka HIGUCHI ), R.I.P.,  December 24, 1958 – November 30, 2008.

(BTW, another great rock drummer died of cancer in his forties around this time seventeen years ago: Eric Carr, drummer of the American rock band KISS from 1980 -1991, died of heart cancer on November 24, 1991 at the age of 41).

  • Loudness Official website (in 日本語 (Japanese) only): Click here.

Another Interview

1 Sep

I just added another email interview to my website’s “Interviews” page.

This interview is with Bruce Kulick.

Click here to read it.

I really love Japan and Tokyo is very fascinating.

[Bruce Kulick]