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30 Apr

Do you know the Japanese soft drink called 「ラムネ」 (Ramune)?

「ラムネ」 (Ramune)

It’s a 炭酸のソフトドリンク (carbonated soft-drink) in a uniquely shaped glass bottle that is sealed with a glass marble.

It comes in a variety of flavors, but the most common flavor is the original lemon flavor.

Ramune is a very popular drink, especially with young people, in the summertime in Japan. It is sold in many places including summer festivals.

One time I saw a store with a sign that said 「まずいラムネランキング」 (The Worst Ramune Flavors).
The #1 worst flavor on the list was 「キムチラムネ」 (Kimchee Ramune)!

「キムチラムネ」 (Kimchee Ramune)

I bought it just to try it. They weren’t kidding! It was disgusting!

Have you ever tried Ramune?

Jack Daniels Hi-ball

7 Oct

The American Jack Daniels brand whiskey is partnered with the Japanese brand Suntory and is available for purchase in almost any supermarket, convenience store or liquor store in Japan.

And now Jack Daniels Whiskey has begun selling canned High-ball cocktails.

If you buy a canned Jack Daniels High-ball by 2011 November 30, it will come with two 6-digit codes that can be used to enter a drawing for prizes via the “Jack Daniels Japan” website.

You can enter the drawing by 5:00PM (Japan time) on 2011 November 30.

300 people will win a set of two “Jack Daniels High-ball drinking glasses” and another 300 people will win a set of two “Jack Daniels mugs”.

Personally, I’d choose the mugs.  I like Jack Daniels and I like “High-balls”…so,  I may just buy a few cans of this drink and enter the drawing.

The sets of Jack Daniels glasses and mugs.

Dragonball coffee

25 Jul

Do you like the Japanese anime titled 「ドラゴンボール」 (“Dragonball“)?

(I wrote a post in late 2008 about some Hollywood remakes of Japanese movies…including a remake of “Dragonball” (which I haven’t seen but it doesn’t look good)).

Well, if you’re a Dragonball fan, you may be interested to know that the Japanese canned coffee / soft drink company “Pokka” is currently selling their “Power Squash” soft drink in twelve different designed cans with various Dragonball characters on them.

From the Pokka company website, here are the twelve different cans…each with a different Dragonball character:

Available until 2011 September 30

And they’re also offering three types of canned coffee, each available designed with ten different Dragonball characters. So, if you really want to, between the “Squash” soft drink and the three different coffee blends, you can collect a total of 42 different Dragonball drink cans!

Three of the "Pokka" / "Dragonball" coffee cans

I like coffee and I buy canned coffee sometimes…so if I got one of these “Dragonball” cans, it would one of the coffees.