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Alligator Gar in Tokyo river

29 Jun

Do you know what an 「アリガーターガー」 “alligator gar” is?

It’s a 「ワニ魚」 (“alligator fish”) native to Mississippi, America. I grew up in the south-eastern U.S. (in fact, I was born in Mississippi) but I never heard of this creature until today.

The 「アリガーターガー」 (alligator gar) is a carnivorous fresh-water fish that has the head (and teeth!) similar to an alligator.  They can grow to lengths of 1.8 – 3 meters (six to ten feet).

The freakish "alligator gar"

The reason I heard about the 「アリガーターガー」 (alligator gar) today is because a 1.5 meter (five feet) long 「アリガーターガー」 (alligator gar) has been seen swimming in the 呑川 (Nomikawa River) in 東京都大田区 (Oota-ku, Tokyo).

It’s assumed that someone purchased the 「ワニ魚」 (“alligator fish”) as a pet and set it free when it grew too big.

Due to the danger it poses to the fish, ducks, turtles, that live in the river (and, or course, to children that may be play in the river), authorities intend to catch the 「アリガーターガー」 (alligator gar) and give it to an aquarium.