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Pizza Burger

19 Dec

I wrote a post about how, for many people in Japan, “Christmas dinner” = Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It’s been that way for years.

And I also wrote another post about how McDonalds in Japan is offering a special chicken meal set for Christmas this year in attempt to take some of the lucrative X-mas chicken-dinner market from Kentucky Fried Chicken of Japan.

Well, it seems that Burger King Japan has decided to jump on the bandwagon.

But rather than try to compete directly with Kentucky Fried Chicken (which would probably be a futile attempt since if Japanese people don’t prepare their own X-mas dinner they almost inevitably have chicken from KFC), Burger King Japan is offering a “NY Pizza Burger Set” as their holiday set.

The huge Pizza Burger (which meant to shared by six or so people) can be ordered 単品 (singularly, without the “set”) for ¥1,680. Or a single burger “slice” can be bought for ¥320.

But the entire “Holiday Set” can be purchased until 2010 December 30th for ¥2,980.

This set comes with one Pizza Burger (serves six), a salad, an order of “BK Chicken Tenders”, an order of “BK Cheese Bits”, and an order of onion rings.

McDonalds for X-mas

1 Dec

In Japan it is tradition to eat chicken for Christmas dinner and the most popular Christmas chicken in Japan is from “Kentucky Fried Chicken“.

Other fast-food places try to compete with Kentucky Fried Chicken, Japan every Christmas…but, to Japanese people, “X-mas dinner = Kentucky (Fried Chicken)“.

Click here to read the post I wrote that goes into more detail about Kentucky Fried Chicken for X-mas dinner in Japan.

Well, this year, from December 3rd – 25th, McDonalds in Japan will be offering a X-mas chicken dinner set that they hope will help them take some of the lucrative Christmas dinner market away from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Japan.

They’re calling it the “iCon’ Box“.

X-mas Chicken dinner from McDonalds Japan.

For ¥1,780 (about US $21), it includes:
– four “Juicy Chicken Selects” (two packs with 2 pieces each),
– ten “Chicken McNuggets” (two packs with 5 pieces each),
– sauce for the McNuggets include the two “regular” BBQ and Honey Mustard, plus a new “Sour Cream & Onion” McNugget sauce,
– two “Shaka Shaka Chicken” patties (the chicken and a flavored powder are put into a bag and shaken together)
– flavor powder for the Shaka-Shaka Chicken include the two “regular” flavors of Black Pepper and Cheese, plus a new “Pizza” flavor,
– “Mega” size French Fries
– and three cell-phone straps (“McDonalds” restaurant, “McDonalds” logo, and “Shaka-Shaka Chicken”).

Orders for the iCon’ Box will be taken beginning on December 3rd so that the meal will be ready for Christmas dinner on the 25th.