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15 Oct

One of my favorite musicians, Ozzy Osbourne, had a popular reality TV show about his family life titled “The Osbournes“.

He, his wife Sharon and his two youngest children Jack and Kelly were the regular stars (Ozzy’s older son Louis appeared in the series occasionally…but his daughter Aimee refused to ever appear).


Ozzy’s son, Jack Osbourne, became overweight…so he went on an extreme exercise and diet regime.
It was all recorded as Jack’s own reality show and is now available on DVD in Japan.

The title of Jack’s show in Japan is 「アドレナリン・ダイエット」 (“Adrenaline Diet“).

Here’s an ad for it on DVD:

And Ozzy’s daughter Kelly Osbourne also has her own reality show now too.

Ever since her first visit to Tokyo, Kelly has fallen in love with this city and the culture.
So the premise of her reality show is that she stayed in Japan for five weeks and worked at a variety of unusual, only-in-Japan types of jobs to see if she would still love this country after working in love hotels, maid cafes, a Japanese school, etc.

The name of her show in Japan is 「私は日本人になる」 (“(I’m) Turning Japanese“).

Here are a couple of ads for her reality show on DVD (one in English and the other in 日本語 (Japanese)):


31 Aug

I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t watch much anime or read many manga. But there are a few I like.
(Click here for my post about it).

If I read manga, it’s to study Japanese and the theme is usually family life (Or monsters. I like monsters).

One of the manga I like is called 「ダーリンは外国人」 (“My Darling Is A Foreigner“).



The writer of this manga is 小栗左多里 (Saori Oguri) and the stories are about actual events in her international marriage in Japan with an American named Tony Laszlo.

Well, the manga is being made into a live-action movie with a Japanese actress named 井上真央 (Mao Inoue) playing the part of 小栗左多里 (Saori Oguri) and a foreign actor named Jonathan Sherr playing Tony Laszlo.