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9 Apr

Do you know the famous Japanese dog 「忠犬ハチ公」 (Faithful Hachiko)?

Probably every Japanese person knows the story of Hachiko.

Hachiko was an 秋田犬 (Akita-inu dog) who moved from 秋田県 (Akita Prefecture, Japan) to Tokyo with his owner because he (his owner) got a teaching job at 東京大学 (University Of Tokyo).

Hachiko would see his owner off every morning at 渋谷駅 (Shibuya Train Station (in Tokyo)) and then go back to the station in the evening to greet his owner when he returned.

One day, though, his owner didn’t return because he died while at work. But Hachiko continued to return to 渋谷駅 (Shibuya Train Station) every evening at the same time to wait for his master.

It’s a true story of loyalty and friendship.

There’s a famous statue of Hachiko at 渋谷駅 (Shibuya Train Station) in Tokyo. (There’s also another lesser-known statue of Hachiko in his hometown in 秋田県 (Akita Prefecture, Japan)).

The statue of Hachiko in front of 渋谷駅 (Shibuya Train Station) was erected on April 8, 1934.

So, every year on April 8th there is a memorial ceremony for Hachiko at the statue at 渋谷駅 (Shibuya Train Station).

Hachiko statue in Shibuya on the April 8, 2009 memorial ceremony.

Hachiko statue in Shibuya on the April 8, 2009 memorial ceremony.

There’s a Japanese movie about Hachiko…and now Richard Gere is promoting a Hollywood remake of this movie that he stars in.
(Click here to read my post about this movie and a bit more about the dog.)

The movie, titled “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story“, will debut in Japan on August 8, 2009.

On May 12, 2009, a new statue of Hachiko will be erected at お台場 (Odaiba, Tokyo). This date was chosen because it will be 88 days before the new Hachiko movie’s release date.*
(Eight in Japanese is 「」 (“hachi“)…which sounds like Hachiko.)


April 10, 2009 (tomorrow) will be the 50th wedding anniversary of Japan’s Emperor and Empress.
And last January 7 (2009) was the 20th anniversary of the day he became the Emperor (his father (the former Emperor) died on January 7, 1989).

So this year*, November 12 will be a legal holiday in Japan. It will be to celebrate both the Emperor’s twenty years on the throne and fifty years of marriage.

November 12 was chosen rather than January 7 or April 10 because it was decided it would be better to celebrate both on a separate date…and the Emperor’s 戴冠式 (coronation ceremony) was on November 12, 1990.

(*November 12 will be a holiday this year (2009) only).

Another movie…

17 Dec

As I said in this post (click here), Hollywood has remade many Japanese movies.

Well, it seems that the American actor, Richard Gere is starring in another Hollywood remake of a Japanese movie. As I mention in this post (click here), Richard Gere was in the U.S. remake of the Japanese movie titled “Shall We Dance?“…and now he’s in a remake of the Japanese movie 「ハチ公物語」 (Hachiko’s Story).


The Hollywood version is called “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story“.


The Japanese movie, 「ハチ公物語」 (Hachiko’s Story), is a true story.

One difference in the U.S. version is that the real ハチ公 (Hachiko) was an 秋田犬 (Akita-inu dog)…


But the dog is the Richard Gere movie, “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story“, is a 柴犬 (Shiba-inu dog).


They look similar…but not the same.

Have you seen either “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” or the original 「ハチ公物語」 (Hachiko’s Story)? If not, are you planning to? If you have watched them, what was your impression?

Do you know the story of 「ハチ公」 (Hachiko)?


ハチ公」 (Hachiko), or 「忠犬ハチ公」 (“Faithful dog Hachiko“), is a famous statue near 渋谷駅 (Shibuya train station) in Tokyo. It’s in honor of a dog named 「ハチ公」 (Hachiko) that waited at that train station everyday for his master…and after his master died, he still waited for him at the station everyday for about ten years (until the dog died)!

ハチ公」 (Hachiko) is considered a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness to loved ones.

By the way, when Helen Keller visited Japan in the 1930’s, she was so inspired by the story of 「ハチ公」 (Hachiko) that she got an 秋田犬 (Akita-inu dog) for herself.