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3 May

今日は憲法記念日 (Today is Constitution Day (the anniversary of the day that Japan’s post-WW2 constitution was adopted)).
Today my two oldest daughters went shopping with their friends…and my wife, my youngest daughter and I went to 上野 (Ueno, Tokyo).

We walked to 上野公園 (Ueno Park). While we were in the park, we saw this street performer:

We walked all around the 上野 (Ueno, Tokyo) area. We stopped at some stores that looked interesting to my wife and daughter, and we also went to the 「東叡山寛永寺円頓院」 (“Toeizan-kan-ei-ji-endonin Temple“).

This temple, commonly called 寛永寺 (Kan-ei-ji Temple), is a famous temple in Tokyo where the graves of the Tokugawa Shogun are.

Here are some photos I took:






The 酒屋 (liquor store) was built in 1910.

The 酒屋 (liquor store) was built in 1910.

Side alley with many shops.

Side alley with many shops.