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6 Jul

Have you ever heard of 畑正憲 (Masanori Hata)…more commonly called 「ムツゴロウ」 (“Mutsugorou“)?


He’s a 74 year old Japanese man who graduated from the prestigious 東京大学 (University Of Tokyo).

When he was twenty-five, he got a job making documentaries, but quit eight years later to become a professional author after he got his first book published.

Almost every book he’s had published and movie that he produced has been about animals.

「ムツゴロウさん」 (“Mutsugorou-san“) is famous in Japan for his love of animals.
He loves any and all animals! Bugs, reptiles, housepets, wild beasts…all animals.

He often appears as a guest on Japanese TV variety shows because of his unusual habit of “playing” with animals…even wild animals. Many times he meets an animal that’s not in a “playful mood” and he’s been bitten and scratched many times…a few times he’s been nearly killed!

But that doesn’t hinder his love for the animals…nor does it cause him to hesitate to continue to “play” with animals. When he gets bit or injured, he just says that the animal is only acting natural…he doesn’t seemed fazed in the least.

He’s quite a character!

Here’s a video of a program I saw on TV that featured the “Top Five Mutsugorou Moments” as chosen by Japanese pop singer 中島美嘉 (Mika Nakashima).


7 Sep

Yesterday, we took the kids to the 東武スーパープール (Tobu Super Pool), which is one of the pool amusement parks in the Tokyo area with a current pool, a wave pool and four water slides.

We woke up early and got ready (and my wife and kids made a picnic lunch) and we took the train up north into 埼玉県 (Saitama Prefecture) where the park is.
The weather forecast on the TV said that there was a chance of rain but we decided to go anyways because the pool will close next week for the season (and we have other plans for next weekend)…and it was good that we went because the weather was perfect.

We arrived there at about 11:00 AM and stayed until 3:30PM. My kids were in the pools and water slides the whole time (my wife and I went in for awhile too), and only got out for lunch.

The lunch that my wife and daughters made was おにぎり (rice balls) with salmon inside, chicken, chips and ビール (beer) (the kids drank Coke®).

The only photos that I took there were of my family (which I don’t put online). I didn’t take any other photos at the pool because I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures of other people.
Well, I did take this photo of a (cicada) that we saw there:

The 東武スーパープール (Tobu Super Pool) is a part of the excellent 東武動物公園 (Tobu Zoo Park).

So, to get into the Super Pool, you need to buy admission tickets to enter the 東武動物公園 (Tobu Zoo Park), which has an 遊園地 (amusement park), a 動物園 (zoo), a わんこビレッジ (dog village), as well as the 東武スーパープール (Tobu Super Pool).

With that ticket, you can visit the zoo, but the dog village (where you can hold and play with different dogs), the amusement park, and the Super Pool cost extra.

We bought the admission tickets at a discount ticket shop last week, so we saved some money on that cost.

We have been to 東武動物公園 (Tobu Zoo Park) a few times before.
You can see a slideshow of our last visit there at this link.

and another post about it here.

When we left the Super Pool yesterday at 3:30PM, we walked around the zoo and looked at the animals until it closed at 5:30PM.

We were surprised when we were looking at the chimpanzees, they suddenly became quite agitated and started yelling and running around the cage throwing the tires and their water!

Then, at 5:30PM, we headed home for dinner. My wife made excellent 豚キムチ (Pork kimchee (spicy cabbage)).

Here are some videos I took of the animals at the zoo (including the angry chimps):