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Another medal for Japan?

5 Sep

Japanese Olympic 「ハンマー投げ」 (Hammer Throw) athlete, 室伏広治 (Kouji Murofushi) came in fifth place at the 2008 北京オリンピック (Beijing Olympics)…but the silver and bronze medalists, both from Belarus, have tested positive for doping violations and may be stripped of their Olympic medals.

If that happens, 室伏広治 (Kouji Murofushi) will get the bronze medal.

This will be the second time that this has happened to him. In the 2004 Olympics, 室伏広治 (Kouji Murofushi) won the silver Hammer Throw medal…but the Hungarian who won the gold was stripped of his medal for a doping violation, and the gold went to 室伏広治 (Kouji Murofushi).