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31 Aug

I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t watch much anime or read many manga. But there are a few I like.
(Click here for my post about it).

If I read manga, it’s to study Japanese and the theme is usually family life (Or monsters. I like monsters).

One of the manga I like is called 「ダーリンは外国人」 (“My Darling Is A Foreigner“).



The writer of this manga is 小栗左多里 (Saori Oguri) and the stories are about actual events in her international marriage in Japan with an American named Tony Laszlo.

Well, the manga is being made into a live-action movie with a Japanese actress named 井上真央 (Mao Inoue) playing the part of 小栗左多里 (Saori Oguri) and a foreign actor named Jonathan Sherr playing Tony Laszlo.