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Easter Kit Kats in Japan

16 Mar

Japan has adopted (and localized) a number of western holidays. Halloween has become popular here in recent years…and next, it seems, is Easter.
Just like Xmas in Japan, Easter has no religious connotations…just cute eggs and bunnies.

Also, Kit-Kat in Japan has many, many unique flavors. It’s also popular to give students a special Kit-Kat in March when they’re studying for school entrance exams. Because there’s a Japanese play-on-words in which “Kit-Kat” sounds like “You’re sure to pass!” in Japanese.
Now, Kit-Kat Japan is hoping to start a new trend for students in April with another play-on-words.
“Easter” sounds similar to “Ii-start” in Japanese…which means “A good start”. Since April is the start of the school year here, they’re hoping parents will give these to their kids at the start of the school year.

Kit Kat aims to bring train travelers back to Tōhoku with ticket biscuit

6 Jun

The newest Japanese Kit-Kat will help the area devastated by the 2011/3/11 earthquake/tsunami:

Japanese regional Kit-Kat souvenirs

14 Sep

In Japanese culture, when someone goes on a trip or even to a major amusement park, they feel compelled to buy お土産 (souvenirs) for friends and family…and even their co-workers (if they’re aware of the trip).

Normally, they like to give a “regional” souvenir. Something that represents the city or country that they visited…even a “I NY ” key-chain from a trip to New York could be a gift good enough for a co-worker or such.

When Japanese people go on a domestic trip (visit another town or city within Japan), it’s popular to buy a local food item as a souvenir.

So, currently, Kit-Kat Japan are offering ご当地お土産 (Regional Souvenirs).

Map of Japan showing regional Kit-Kat flavors for various areas.

Map of Japan showing regional Kit-Kat flavors for various areas.

I’ve written a number of posts about the myriad of Kit-Kat flavors in Japan. (Click here to see my posts about a large variety).

Some of the special Kit-Kat flavors that the map above shows:

  • Rum Raisin flavor Kit-Kat for Tokyo
  • Strawberry Cheesecake flavor Kit-Kat for all of Japan in a special Mt. Fuji box
  • Strawberry Cheesecake flavor Kit-Kat for Yokohama
  • Kobe Pudding flavor Kit-Kat for Kobe

What Kit-Kat flavors have you tried? How did you like them?

Customized Kit-Kat

4 Jun

You can design your own original Kit-Kat package with any photograph you like of your family, friends, pet, or whatever, and have that picture on a pack of regular, dark, or green tea Japanese Kit-Kats.

Kit-Kat Japan’s 「チョコラボキットカット」 (“Kit-Kat Chocolate collaboration”) website

Click here to go the Kit-Kat Japan website where you can design and order original Kit-Kat packages (site is in Japanese only).

Grilled Kit-Kat

24 Jun

Many people now know that Japan has an incredible selection of unique flavors of Kit-Kat.

I wrote a post around five years ago about many of them.

I’ve actually written quite a few posts about Kit-Kat in Japan (click here to see a search of them).

One of the newest, and most unique so far, Kit-Kat flavors in Japan is 焼きキットカット (“Grilled Kit-Kat”) !


These are meant to be put in a toaster-oven for a couple of minutes to make them toasted brown.

What do you think? Would you try them? Have you tried them already?

Kit-Kat Store

21 Jan

In Japan, there are many flavors of Kit-Kat.

I wrote a post about many of them. (Click here to read it.)

Last Friday, the world’s first Kit-Kat Store, a store that sells different flavors of Kit-Kat chocolate bars exclusively, opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.


Halloween Kit-Kat

25 Oct

Kit-Kat Japan is famous for their numerous unique flavors.
(Click here to see a post I wrote about some of the many different flavors.)

Right now, Kit-Kat Japan is offering 「パンプキンプリン味」 (“Pumpkin Pudding Flavor”) Kit-Kits for Halloween.


Passion Fruit Kit-Kat

20 Jul


I tried it today. Not bad.

Passion Fruit Kit-Kat

3 Jun

The newest Kit-Kat flavor in Japan is 「オトナの甘さ パッションフルーツ」 (“Adult-taste sweetness Passion Fruit flavor“)*.


Have you ever tried any of the numerous Kit-Kat flavors in Japan?

* (edit. Maybe this would be a better translation of the name.)

Biz Chocolate…from Kit-Kat Japan

22 Feb

Kit-Kat Japan offers many unique “only-in-Japan” flavors.

(Click here to see some of them.)

Sometimes, rather than a unique flavor, they’ll offer a unique packaging…such as one for students about to take an entrance exam. It has a space for the parents, or whomever the giver is, to write an encouraging message.

Well, Kit-Kat Japan is now offering 「ビズチョコ」 (“Biz Choco(late)“).


This is for company workers to give to co-workers, managers to give subordinates, etc.

The packaging is black because it’s bitter chocolate.
They have 「ビズチョコ」 (“Biz Chocolate”) available in milk chocolate in red packaging…but since it’s aimed at adults, the bitter chocolate is probably more popular.

Some of them have 「グッジョブ」 (“Good job!”) written on them.
And they all have a space for the giver to write a message.

The Kit-Kat for students is popular in Japan…click here to read the post I wrote that explains why.
But I wonder if this one aimed at employees and co-workers will be popular, too.