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30 Apr

Do you know the Japanese soft drink called 「ラムネ」 (Ramune)?

「ラムネ」 (Ramune)

It’s a 炭酸のソフトドリンク (carbonated soft-drink) in a uniquely shaped glass bottle that is sealed with a glass marble.

It comes in a variety of flavors, but the most common flavor is the original lemon flavor.

Ramune is a very popular drink, especially with young people, in the summertime in Japan. It is sold in many places including summer festivals.

One time I saw a store with a sign that said 「まずいラムネランキング」 (The Worst Ramune Flavors).
The #1 worst flavor on the list was 「キムチラムネ」 (Kimchee Ramune)!

「キムチラムネ」 (Kimchee Ramune)

I bought it just to try it. They weren’t kidding! It was disgusting!

Have you ever tried Ramune?