Bounty on the head of scum who stabbed a seeing-eye dog

9 Sep

Some monster stabbed a 盲導犬 (seeing-eye dog) with a fork last month. Seeing-eye dogs are trained to ignore distractions, even pain, while working. This dog, “Oscar”, braved the pain without barking or whimpering. Oscar’s blind master got to work and a co-worker noticed the wound.


guide dog 1

Many readers likely remember the terrible story about the man whose guide dog, Oscar, was stabbed multiple timeswhile the pair was en route to the owner’s work.  Oscar didn’t bark nor react to the stabbing and it was only when a co-worker saw the blood on him that anyone realized what had happened. An investigation was launched and people around the world reacted in anger and severe disappointment that anyone would harm a dog like this.

But while there are people who will hurt animals, there are even more who are kind and loving to them, and one such man from Saitama is offering a big bounty to find this criminal and put him behind bars.

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