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Burger King Japan’s Whopper Challenge

8 Jun

If you’re in Tokyo and you really … really … love Burger King Whoppers, you can enter their Whopper Challenge.


The contest, for those who are chosen to participate, will be held on Thursday, 2014 June 19th at 2PM in the Roppongi branch of Burger King.

Contestants will be given 30 minutes to eat seven Whoppers.

The prize for those who are successful will be free Whopper burgers for a month!

Like I said, it’s for those who really love Whoppers!

Japan’s 30 best travel destinations, as chosen by overseas visitors

8 Jun

So many diverse, wonderful things to see in Japan!

Is Japan Cool?

8 Jun

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has some promotional ads asking “Is Japan cool?”

Here’s one:

And here’s one specifically about Tokyo: