Video: Beautiful HD Footage of Japan in 1992

21 May

I came to Japan in 1990…two years before these videos.
Tokyo has changed so much in the time I’ve been here (no one used to bleach their hair back then)…but still, a lot is still the same too.

Tokyo Desu

Don’t ask us how (possibly via the same witchcraft that allows Japanese women to live forever), but this video presents stunning HD footage of Japan as it faced the end of the bubble economy in 1992.

Look out for the vending machine drinks prices at 3:25, almost identical to today’s, and Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing at 4:30, which is almost unrecognisable.

Click the settings cog then select 720p for the highest quality.

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you want to go further back, here’s some great (though unfortunately not HD) footage of Tokyo in the 70’s and 80’s.

Via: Reddit

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