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20 Apr

Do you study Japanese (or Spanish or Chinese)?  Or plan to?

You should look into signing up with Lexikeet.


To really learn a language, you must practice reading, writing, speaking and listening…this program helps you to do that.
Not only reading and listening, like many online study programs…but it also has a system to help you to practice writing and speaking Japanese, as well.


It’s not perfect though. I signed up for a free trial and I didn’t use it as often as I would have liked…simply because there is no mobile version of their site or Android app.
I prefer to study Japanese on my morning train commute to work…I don’t really “feel like it” after work or on weekends.
But, they’re currently running a special campaign until the end of this month (2014 April 30th)…membership is only US$9.99 / month.

So…if you like to study with your computer, and you want to learn Japanese, Chinese or Spanish…I recommend Lexikeet.